Vice-President Orillia

campaigns, student life, & advocacy on our southern campus

Our VP Orillia is in charge of the corporation's operations in Orillia. The position is the Orillia equivalent of a hybrid between the VP Advocacy and President, putting them in charge of Orillia's student life and advocacy, as well as leading campaigns and community relations at LU's Southern Ontario campus.

Duties of the Vice-President Orillia

Vice-President Orillia is charged with overseeing the operations of the Corporation at the Orillia campus. They are responsible for overseeing and acting as the principle point of contact with respect to the Orillia Campaigns Commission, Orillia Events Commission, and Orillia Clubs. 


The Vice-President Orillia is responsible for the planning and promotion of the Orillia Campus Orientation and they direct and facilitate events and campaigns in Orillia through the Orillia Events Commissioner and the Orillia Campaigns Commissioner, respectively. They also ensure the proper operation of all Orillia clubs. These responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Organizing Orillia clubs
  • Drafting or filing any necessary paperwork
  • Ensuring that elections for clubs are properly run
  • Organizing Club Days

    The Vice-President Orillia shall coordinate Orillia Club Days, which shall be held prior to the ratification of new Clubs by the Board of Directors. They are responsible for chairing LUSU Orillia Club Presidents meetings.

    Academic Grievances

    Unless decided otherwise by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee, they will be the primary Executive authorized to consult with individuals and groups with respect to student issues academic grievances and complaints in Orillia.


    The Vice-President Orillia is the primary Executive authorized to communicate with the Orillia Associate Vice-Provost. They are required to attend at least one (1) provincial meeting of the Canadian Federation of Students as a representative of LUSU (Local 32).


    The VP Orillia is responsible for the appropriate use of the Vice-President Orillia discretionary line in the budget for the current fiscal year. They make recommendations for the budget of Orillia and forward it to the Finance and Operations Committee by the second week of February. 


    The Vice-President Orillia is responsible for making recommendations to the Executive Committee with respect to operations of the corporation in Orillia each month. They will produce a written “Summer Update” that must be submitted to the LUSU Board of Directors that includes:

        • All material work or business carried out on behalf of the corporation
        • An evaluation of the success of any projects undertaken
        • Tentative plans for the remainder of the academic year

    They will also produce a written “Final Report”, which must be submitted to the incoming executives by April 30th of every year that includes:

    • General summary of the term in office

    • An account of any material issues encountered by the Vice President Orillia during their term in office and how they were addressed

    • Recommendations for the incoming Vice President Orillia and Executive Committee.



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