New Website Checklist

After Completing the Clubs Application

  1. New Clubs will be added to a queue for processing which may take up to 5 business days. They will receive an activation email when the club page has been made or they will be contacted for more information. Once your club page has been created it will be open for membership. Officers will not have full access to LUSU resources until final consideration has been made by our board of directors and ratified as an "Official" Club.
  2. Existing Clubs should be automatically updated. If your club has been ratified by our board of directors for at least two (2) consecutive years it is considered "Tenured" and it will be automatically approved as long as no constitutional amendments have been made.  New Officers should now be able to access club admin pages. Clubs that have not been ratified for two (2) consecutive years will not have full access to LUSU resources and support until they have been ratified. 

Using the Website

Club members should be automatically taken to the Club home page after signing in. Try using your Lakehead email address to log in now. If you do not have a password click forgot password to create a new one or sign in with Google. If you have completed the Club Application form ( all new club Officers should have been sent a membership activation email. Existing club members that become Officers will not receive an activation email but they should automatically have access to Officer pages.

PLEASE REMEMBER all Club Officers must update their Student Number, Phone Number, and Address in their profile by clicking on their name in the top right corner. To be considered an "Official" club, all Officers must agree to the club constitution, student code of conduct, and have up-to-date contact information by October 15th or the application will not be accepted.  

Clubs pages come in 3 types.

  1. Public pages like home, about, events and join provide general information about your club.
  2. Officers pages allow you to add events and update your club photo album along with accessing LUSU support.

Check Your Club Pages

Please review all of your club pages and confirm that everything is working correctly. If Club or Officer information is not up to date use the Club Application form to update your club. If your Club Application is up to date and you are still having trouble accessing your club or using the pages below please email

About (Public)

As an officer, you should be able to see an "Add Post" button on this page. Try adding a post to provide more information about your club or give an update. If anyone would like to automatically receive updates about your club they can click the RSS button to add your club blog to their RSS reader/browser extension.

Events (Public)

Your events page should display all of your public and private events depending on if you are signed in or not. Public events will also be added to our main events calendar. Anyone can click the RSS button on your events page to get updates about your events calendar if they have an RSS reader / browser extension.

Join (Public)

Anyone should be able to join your club or find out more information about membership requirements on this page. Please confirm that your club availability information appears correctly and people are able to join. Only one club membership can be registered per email address. If someone is already a member of another club encourage them to join your club using another email address. 

Group Directory & Email (Private Members List)

Members should automatically be added to your clubs Google Group. To view a list of your members visit using your officer email. All club officers should be managers of their Groups and be able to send announcements to club members by emailing [CLUB ACRONYM] Club officers can change their default settings to allow member to interact like a Group Chat if they prefer. 

Officers (Private Club Administration)

This page will provide officer specific information and act as the living memory of your club. Officers are encouraged to use the discussion forum and may be asked to record certain information throughout the year like meeting records and financial transactions. Try to create a new forum topic called "Officer Check-in" and ask each Officer to post confirming that they agree to the club rules and they have successfully updated their profile to include a student number, phone number, and address. 

Album (Upload Page for Officers)

Officers will all have access to a club album page where they can upload as many images as they would like which will be featured on different club pages. Try clicking "Upload" now to add more images to your club pages.

Review Club Home Page

Please confirm the club contact and club purpose is correct. The images you uploaded should appear in a slideshow and all of the above pages mentioned should be visible to you in the Menu when signed in.  Any recent blog posts you have added to the about page should appear as well as any recent public or private forum updates and club events updates. 



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