Unlimited Bus Pass

affordable year-round transportation from september 1st to august 31st


Our Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass) offers unlimited use of public transit to Lakehead students in both Thunder Bay and Orillia. With our collective purchasing power we are able to secure the lowest transit rates possible by negotiating directly with  local city transit departments.

Who is enrolled?

Undergraduate students registered in at least 3.75 FCE by the Final Date to Register (Add) in September, you should be automatically enrolled in the uPass.

To make sure you are enrolled, check your statement on MyInfo to see if you have been charged the uPass Fee: 

MyInfo > Student > My Financial Profile > My Statement of Account > Current Year

Look for “LUSU U-Pass Fee (SLBUO)”

Any student can opt-in

If you have not been automatically enrolled in the uPass you can opt-in by paying the uPass fee. View your campus uPass page to find out more information.

Can a bus driver confiscate my student card or ask for identification?

Yes. Here is why: The uPass is not transferrable. Only YOU can use it. If your student card image is blurry, damaged or otherwise unidentifiable, or if they have reason to believe it is not you – they may ask for another form of identification.

If they find that someone other than yourself is using your U-Pass, they will confiscate it and that person will have to pay cash fare. In the event that your U-Pass is confiscated, the city will return it to LUSU and provide an explanation.

This may be frustrating for you, but this actually helps to protect our U-Pass program. As per our terms and conditions with Transit fraudulent misuse will result in individual expulsion from the uPass program. Fraudulent misuse is defined but not limited to; using a fake or counterfeit uPass sticker, selling your uPass, lending out your uPass.

What are the benefits?

Not only do you save a significant amount of money, but it's also a safe way to ride home from events, parties, and clubs. Plus, a reduced demand for parking helps to maintain the green space on campus. You'll also never be left stranded, especially in the winter—it's a great backup plan for when your car doesn't start! Everyone's participation in the program helps reduce the costs for all students and reduces barriers to education.

How does this service work?

Once our elected representatives are confident in a proposed agreement, a referendum will be called in which all members' votes will be counted equally and students are able to raise concerns, register for a side, or ask for more information. If the vote is passed, the Board of Directors will enter into a contract on our behalf, securing a yearly fixed rate in exchange for a guaranteed level of enrolment. If the vote fails, the student body can decide to abandon the service entirely or compel their elected representatives to explore other options or renegotiate an agreement that better serves them.

We have negotiated our plans to offer the lowest possible price and to be accessible to all students. If you have not been changed for the bus pass automatically, you can opt-in at any time as long as you are enrolled in at least one credit course.

We believe that trying to move about our daily lives should not be an economic barrier to the pursuit of academic excellence



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