Internal Relations Committee

investigating internal complaints or violations of our governing documents

Article VI of our Constitution outlines the Internal Relations Committee, which is responsible for handling complaints, investigating internal matters of the Corporation, and servse as arbiter in certain matters.

The Internal Relations Committee is struck annually at the inaugural Board of Directors Meeting and shall end on April 30 of the following year.

Any powers not specifically enumerated in this section shall not be exercised by the Committee, unless afforded to it by the Governing Documents.

Without limiting the rules set out in the operational policy governing conflicts of interest, any member of the Internal Relations Committee shall disclose any Conflict of Interest that may be perceived as a bias in their decision in any given matter prior to the agenda item being considered.

Any Member may petition the Internal Relations Committee to review a violation of the Governing Documents.

The Member may do so by making a written request to the Committee Chairperson. The request must include the provision(s) of the Governing Documents that have been allegedly violated, contain a description of the alleged offense and provide evidence (where applicable), and contain information sufficient for the Committee to make a reasoned decision regarding the issue.

If the Committee feels that written testimony and information is insufficient to provide enough information for the Committee to come to a decision, the Committee may schedule a hearing.

The committee shall be responsible for:

  1. Investigating any complaint made by any Member against an Executive.
  2. Investigating violations of the Governing Documents or Club Constitutions by any Club or Club Member.
  3. Investigating allegations of violations of the Governing Documents, brought before it by any Member.
  4. Serving as the final arbiter with respect to Staff complaints.
  5. Serving as the final arbiter with respect to the interpretation of the Governing Documents, in consultation with the Governance Committee.
  6. Making decisions on any matters brought before it by the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors.

The Internal Relations Committee shall consist of the following members:

    • (non-voting) 
  1. Three (3) members of the Board of Directors
    • One from the Orillia campus
    • Must not include any LUSU Executive

If the Committee is considering a matter that involves the Chairperson, then the Chairperson shall recuse themselves from such a matter and another member of the Committee shall act as chair, who shall be appointed by the remaining members of the Committee, and shall have the power to vote.



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