Ombudsperson Committee

fairness, justice & equality for all students

Serving our members

In order to ensure our members' rights are protected LUSU equally funds and oversees the Ombudsoffice which is an impartial confidential support service independent of the University's formal administrative structure.

The primary objective of the Ombudsperson is to ensure all University members’ rights are protected and that all individuals are dealt with in a fair and equitable manner. The Ombudsperson deals with a variety of issues and complaints, and provides information for both academic and non-academic concerns.

The Ombudsperson Committee is struck annually by the Board of Directors pursuant to Article IV of the Constitution, and shall be dissolved upon the expiry of the Academic Year.

Responsibilities of the Committee

The Ombudsperson Committee shall hold at least one meeting each month during the fall and winter academic terms with the exception of the months of December and April.

Review any and all Ombudsman’s Reports and evaluate the progress of any ongoing works. The Committee shall endeavour to be aware of the Lakehead University Community’s response to said works.

Conduct an annual evaluation of the Office of the Ombudsperson and of the Ombudsperson.

Assist the Office of Ombudsperson in ensuring that the principles of justice and fairness are equally applied to all members of the Lakehead University community.

Submit a brief year-end report to the Board of Directors by the last meeting of the Winter Term, highlighting major topics discussed, results and recommendations for the future; and respect the confidentiality of the Ombudsperson’s Office.

If a vacancy occurs in the Office of the Ombudsperson, the Ombudsperson Committee shall serve as the recruitment committee for purposes of filling said position. Upon completion of the recruitment process, the Ombudsperson Committee shall then recommend a qualified applicant to the Lakehead University Vice President (Academic) and Provost.

The Ombudsperson Committee shall be composed of the following eleven members:

    1. Vice-President Advocacy
      • Who shall also act as the chairperson
    2. The Lakehead University Vice President (Academic) and Provost, or designate
    3. The Lakehead University Vice-Provost (Student Affairs)
    4. One LUSU Director 
      • Not a LUSU Executive
    5. One member of the Lakehead University Faculty Association
      • Appointed by the Lakehead University Faculty Association
    6. The Lakehead University Residence Life Coordinator
    7. One LUSU Member who lives in Residence 
      • Appointed by the Lakehead University Residence Council
    8. One  LUSU Member who is a graduate student
      • Appointed by the LUSU
    9. Two Members of LUSU
      • One from the Orillia Campus
      • Hold no other position within LUSU
      • Selected by the Executive Committee
    10. One representative from the Lakehead University Faculty Association



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