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Statement of Principles

Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) is a democratic, not for profit corporation. We are committed to providing an environment wherein our members, the students of Lakehead University, can pursue academic excellence as well as personal and social growth, free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. We are committed to universally accessible post-secondary education, and reject all impediments to post-secondary education including, but not necessarily limited to, financial constraints and discrimination of any kind. 

We are further committed to democratic principles at all levels of government including, but not limited to, student, administrative and academic bodies of the university. Furthermore, it is our objective to enhance student participation in all aspects of government in the university community.

We further support organizations, on and off campus, that promote the aforementioned principles. It is understood that said principles apply to all Lakehead University Student Union clubs and organizations and their practices.

Our Purpose

    • Represent and promote the interests of our members.
    • Consider and discuss all issues affecting our members.
    • Take action on matters affecting our members.
    • Originate and promote improvements for the general welfare of our members.
    • Maintain communications with Lakehead University authorities on behalf of our members.
    • Enter into arrangements with any authorities public, academic, or otherwise that are conducive to our objectives.
    • Advocate on behalf of our members to all levels of Government, including locally, provincially, and federally.
    • Offer support services to Lakehead University students that benefit their lives.
    • Act as a duly elected student organization with full power to promote, regulate, and generally assist students in their endeavours in the arts, politics, sports, and social or leisure activities.
    • Cooperate with similar student organizations in Canada in furtherance of our objectives.

As a democratic not-for-profit student union we are

Governed directly by our Members who Elect an Executive Committee and Board of Directors to Represent the best interest of all students while providing the Services and Support they vote for in Referendum



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