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LUSU 2022-2023 General Election


Polls are open from Feb 28 to Mar 14

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Meet Your Candidates

for President

Lahama Naeem

My name is Lahama Naeem. I am a 4th year student studying Biology with a Concentration in Neuroscience. I love meeting new people and being involved with initiatives that give back to the community.

I have been an active member of LUSU and many other organizations of the Lakehead University community during the past 4 years. Specifically, I spent 2 terms serving on LUSU's Board of Directors and have recently spend the 2021-2022 term serving as President of LUSU. During my terms, I have gained a great understanding and appreciation for all that LUSU does for students. I would love to continue to serve students for another term, as there are many initiatives that I would still like to take on.

Having been in the role of President for a year already, I feel that I have learned the ropes well and am very comfortable with my role and responsibilities. I have established relationships both within LUSU and with community partners of there organization, that will serve as an asset during my second term. I am looking forward to continuing to work and advocate for the best interests of students, if re-elected for this position.

for Vice-President Operations & Finance

Silas Young

Hi! I am an upcoming graduate of the accounting program at Lakehead. I spend most of my time teaching and tutoring. When I have free time I like to meet new people and take photos. I also have an adorable little dog named Piper, and a loving girlfriend that persuaded me to run:)

I am running because I need a job after I graduate, I want to help students, and I believe I am the most qualified to make a meaningful difference. As an accounting graduate with experience running my own not-for profit business, I feel comfortable putting my name forward to help improve LUSU and make sure students are protected. I also think it would be tons of fun staying on campus for another year while running events and hosting scholarships.

You should vote for me because I am qualified, I have a good plan, and because I will advocate for you. I do more than just talk. As a student union, LUSU's efforts should be shifted towards putting more money back in students' pockets by reducing student fees and hosting more scholarships. This could be achieved by improving LUSU's investment portfolio and adjusting the structure of The Outpost. Also, a very awesome Outdoor Rec student brought the idea to me that we should expand LUSU's liquor license, and sell alcohol at the Thunderwolves games. I still have to look more into that, but I think it is a very cool idea. This also made me think that I could apply for LUSU to get a lottery license, and we could host 50/50 draws in the community similar to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation.

Overall, we need to improve student advocacy and find better ways for LUSU to make money. I have lots of specific ideas, and ways to make them happen. Please reach out to 807-355-0202 or styoung@lakeheadu.ca.




Yamandeep Malhi 

My name is Yamandeep Malhi (he/him) and I am currently in my final year of HBSc. Applied Life Sciences. My journey at LUSU started as volunteer, and a club Vice-President. Through these experiences and engaging with students, I learned a lot about the diverse student population on campus. Coming from a minority background, I was able to relate and discuss the unique struggles that students face. I am very passionate about student advocacy and helping students and that has always reflected in my previous campaigns for elections and my work with LUSU. I have been elected as a board member 3 times and as the VP Operations and Finance in the recent by-elections.

Being on the Board, I have been able to advocate and speak on major issues faced by the students. Serving on LUSU’s Internal Relations Committee provided me the opportunity where our team was heavily involved in the investigation of some cases, which has helped me become more aware of the policies and by-laws in the Constitution. We also hired an Executive Director through the hiring committee. Also, there was a lot of work done around renaming and renovating the food bank to the Food Resource centre to end the stigma around accessing food banks. With this we hope to make it more welcoming for the students.

Having the knowledge and the background in finance and operations will not only help me transition into the role seamlessly, but also change it to be more accessible to the student population.

I come from a variety of lived experiences, which correlate with our communities and students that make Lakehead University an amazing post-secondary institution.

I am someone who you can stop by anytime and have fun conversations with!

If you see me around campus, feel free to reach out and say hi!As a student leader, I have always had a passion to advocate for students and work as a team because together, we are stronger. During my term, I have connected with several students who have shared their stories, many of which are related to mental health, lack of access to good food and struggles with academics due to financial strains. Growing up as a racialized individual in Canada, I have experienced racism firsthand, and observed the barriers that immigrants and international students face.

I have been a part of the The Support Hub, formerly known as the LU Mental Health Peer Support club, where I have interacted with students struggling with their mental health. Having this experience, I have been able to understand the challenges students face in terms of accessing help for mental health supports on campus.

Lakehead University is one of the most food insecure institutions in Canada. Being a part of the LU Food For Thought club, I have seen the aggressive demand for emergency food through Good Food box distributions.

These sectors demand advocacy and action, and I want to make sure that I utilize my experience and skills as a leader and activist to continue echoing student voices in appropriate spaces. Hence, I have been involved with our student Union in various capacities since the beginning of my time at Lakehead.

Throughout my time at LUSU, we the students, have created change together, and I am grateful to have provided with the opportunity to serve the students by raising our voices, and taking immediate action. This is work that I am passionate about and determined to address no matter what barriers I may have to face.

Students United, will never be defeated.

I have been elected on the LUSU board of directors 3 times, sat on the internal relations committee and the Finance and operations committee. Throughout my time in the university, I have been a dedicated volunteer with the corporation in several events. Having been involved with LUSU in various capacities, I have a holistic understanding of the internal and external operations and finances.

Since many students are struggling financially, due to the high fees and cost of studying in a post-secondary institution, I will invest in our students to bring more financial aid and advocate for a halt on tuition hike.

Many students are charged for a U-pass with not having the option to opt out despite having a vehicle and a parking pass. I will advocate to refund the u-pass fees for the students who have bought a parking pass.

With our team, I plan on working towards creating sustainable practices across campus, a step towards climate action, and investing in carbon neutrality.

I will invest in our students and increase access to more services as well as advocate for more accessible mental health supports on campus. As promised in my previous campaign, I have delivered a survey asking for feedback on Student Health and Wellness. The data from this survey will be used to run campaigns and demand the administration for enhanced mental health services, involving a BIPOC counselor and a gender counselor.

I will invest for our students to access more food options that are financially feasible, healthy and from their culture as the university has a diverse population. This aids in making LUSU a more inclusive space. Additionally, I will advocate to re-open the Food Resource Centre which aims to end stigma around access to emergency food in a friendly environment.

Since students invest in a Health and Dental plan, I will review the insurance policies and demand/negotiate for more coverage for the thousands of student dollars spent for this service.




for Vice-President Advocacy

Julianna Cronk

Hi Thunderwolves! My name is Julianna (she/her) and I hope to be your Vice-President Advocacy for the next academic year. I am finishing my final year of my bachelors in Outdoor Recreation, and will be continuing on to the education professional program. I started at Lakehead as a mature student, coming out of a career as a flight attendant. I previously attended Brock University for Dramatic Arts. My personal, educational and professional experiences have always led me on a path of being there for and helping others. I currently sit on the Outdoor Recreation Student Society as the AIDER Officer (accessibility, inclusivity, diversity, equity and reconciliation). I strive to support my peers when they encounter barriers in their learning, opportunities for growth, and contribute to a culture that welcomes and accepts me. I have worked in the Student Success Centre in student engagement since May 2019. I love my job as I get to put on events, help plan orientation, connect with LUSU and members of the Lakehead community. I am so grateful to be as involved in the Lakehead community as I am. I have been able to find myself and my strengths since coming to Lakehead and I am ready to give back!

I moved to Thunder Bay in 2018 and decided to come back to school for January 2019. Since then my life has been a real journey of self-compassion and taking ownership of myself and my actions. I realize what is important to me; having meaningful connections and relationships, growing the skills to be there for myself and others and petting as many dogs as possible. I am passionate when I hear about injustices and am not afraid to be the person to stand up. When I am not cuddling with my cat, I can be found cooking up a storm in my kitchen, singing along to “Surface Pressure” from Encanto and swimming laps in the LU pool. I have decided to make Thunder Bay my home and am putting down my roots. I love to meet people in my community and hear their stories. I care, and I care a lot.

I have the experience and the passion to represent and address issues that affect our student body. I find myself succeeding in the leadership positions I have held because of my ability to relate on a personal level. Most importantly, I am running because I want to give back to Lakehead. I have created the life I want since starting my education here. I have fallen in love with driving past Hillcrest Park and seeing Nanabijou every morning on my way to campus. I am so energized by conversations with my classmates and almost everyone I meet and get to talk to. I operate out of a place that is compassionate and accountable. I want to take your concerns and ideas and turn them into actions. You will see that I excel at communicating the needs and expectations of those I am responsible for. Our institution has its gaps and barriers, and I am ready to provide the student leadership that empowers us all to co-create the environment we all want to learn and live in!

I have passion for the responsibilities of Vice President of Advocacy (VPA). You can expect me to fulfill my responsibilities with lasting enthusiasm! Below you will find my most important action items as your VPA.

Academic Advocacy
This pillar of the position goes beyond the assessment, it includes your entire academic experience. I want my advocacy for you to encompass the whole learning process and adjust to your learning styles and strengths.
Work closely with the Office of Human Rights & Equity and Student Affairs to focus on co-creating a culture of mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically safe learning environments.
Offer opportunities for LUSU, faculty, staff and students to build the skills to be able to support those around them.

Student Life
You deserve to have an active student life full of opportunities for fun and connection! You can expect more from LUSU for orientation and events that get you pumped for being a Thunderwolf with me as your student life coordinator!
Student Empowerment. I am here to listen to your goals and ideas, and figure out the ways to achieve them. I want to help you identify your strengths, opportunities for growth and passions, and build them up.
Provide opportunities for community engagement, hands-on experience and program collaboration with our greater community organizations.

Social Equity
The Student Centres will be open! There will be coordinators and programming for students to use them, in-person or virtual. Students deserve safe spaces on campus. Centres are integral to building community and exchange of thoughts.
Continue to address our campus food insecurity. I aim to bring back a free lunch program such as People’s Potato Lunch, as I believe food is the best way for everyone to meet on the same level.
I come from a place of active work of decolonization and anti-racism within myself. I want you to see my values informing my work and the opportunities I provide to the student body.



Sanjana Sharma

I am currently serving as LUSU's VP of Advocacy. In the year 2021-22, my focus has been on strengthening the foundation of LUSU and our collective responsibility towards serving the student body. In 2020, I served the LUSU Board of Directors I am a food justice advocate by passion and have expanded my portfolio to advocate for all issues concerning students at Lakehead University, including affordability of services and tuition, mental health supports, accessibility on campus, academic advocacy, etc. I have spearheaded various initiatives in the past few year, including various pilot project to address student food insecurity and surveys to address other concerns. I have helped ensure that student voices are heard on all levels of Lakehead administration and can say that we have witnessed many positive changes to support students in 2021. If elected, I would continue advocating for students and lay foundations for stronger advocacy on campus. Some initiatives would include (but not limited to) increased food supports, mental health supports, more support to student clubs/leaders, continuing to strengthen partnerships with local businesses, and transparency within all work carried in the Student Union.

I am running to ensure that the projects that have been initiated in the past year are carried into the new term. It is important, at this time, for the Student Union to lay strong foundations for the work ahead. I hope to continue expanding my advocacy and outreach to students. Many causes and issues have been identified this year, and I hope to implement more initiatives to address the students' needs.

I believe I have proven my abilities as the VP of Advocacy this year. I have helped identify root causes of student issues, where more advocacy is needed, and how we can work collectively with the University and the student body to bring more change.


for Vice-President Orillia

Brandon Rhéal Amyot

My name is Brandon Rhéal Amyot, I use they/them pronouns, and I’m seeking re-election as Vice President Orillia for your student union, LUSU.

I’ve spent the past ten years organizing in the community, ranging from focuses on the 2SLGBTQ+ community and Indigenous rights to the student movement and local social-political causes. In 2012, I was part of the founding circle of Fierté Simcoe Pride - Simcoe County’s Pride organization - where I gained much of my experience and to which I owe a great deal. In that time, I’ve engaged in several non-profit and grassroots organizations in the community, including Barrie Community Media, Engage Barrie, Supervised Consumption Saves Lives Barrie, and Make Every Vote Count Simcoe County.

I am currently a part-time student in Interdisciplinary Studies at the Orillia Campus with disciplines in Political Science and Media, Film, and Communications. I also have a diploma in Aboriginal Community and Social Development from Georgian College. I love baking, reading, going on adventures with friends, and learning new things in my spare time.

At Lakehead, I have been involved with campus life and fighting for students since my first year. I had the honour of serving in a staff role as Campaigns Commissioner for two years, where I introduced the Indigenous Solidarity Days campaign. I later was a member of the LUSU Board, where I began looking for ways to improve our union’s structures and engagement.

During the first year of the pandemic, I was a co-organizer of the Don’t Forget Students campaign, which urged the federal government to deliver relief for all students in cooperation with the Canadian Federation of Students. Over the past year, I have continued advocating for relief and safer learning in other roles, and I’m ready to keep fighting for students.

I am running to continue fighting for students, focusing on three key areas: union renewal, improving student life, and building up the Orillia Campus.

Students have expressed feeling disengaged from LUSU and the student movement. This isn't because of a lack of interest or care; it means our union needs to bring people in. Participating needs to be more accessible; we need to engage with members and act on their input. This looks like holding more open forums and gauging student needs and vision through surveys and social media. We need to act faster to revamp our governing documents and structure to work better for students and implement a new strategic planning process that sets a path to the future. These are some ways we can achieve union renewal.

Improving student life is one of the most important issues I've heard from students, especially over the past two years. We need to build a sense of community and address mental health and food insecurity. This means expanding on the newly launched Fresh Market and collaborating more with partners like the Canadian Federation of Students to champion better mental health and food resources. We also need to push for more counselling services - especially ones that reflect and support Black, Indigenous, and racialized students. For clubs, we need to challenge Lakehead's administration to remove the barriers that prevent events from happening and ensure that students can poster and put up art. This is all part of making a vibrant student life.

Finally, we need to start thinking long-term about building up the Orillia Campus. In partnership with the university, the union needs to push for a new building with interim solutions for student space in the coming year. This means using existing funds set aside for such a space and looking at other funding sources to bring students together in making this happen. Part of our campus's future is a new building with a student centre with spaces for clubs, events, and services.

I have been working hard for students in and out of office to make our time at Lakehead better. With the support of my fellow students, I want to keep fighting for you. Fighting for a union that reflects and engages students, for a university that grows in a smart way and delivers services we need, for a more universal, accessible post-secondary education. I believe it is my responsibility to use my many experiences to not only provide stability in our union, but to fight for change. I hope to keep connecting with students, to not only earn their vote come election days but to earn their confidence and work in solidarity every day. Let’s do this, together.





for Thunder Bay Board of Directors

Eranjit Sodhi 

I am a third-year chemical engineering student. In my free time I like reading, playing sports, volunteering, and trying out new recipes. I am passionate about sustainability and equity on campus and would love to use this opportunity to continue advocating for students about their concerns.

I know the last couple of years have been extremely difficult due to the pandemic for students and I would like to help make our in person class transition easier by providing essential support to Lakehead students. Some areas that I would like to work on are increasing food affordability and accessibility on campus, advocating for students’ academic needs, working towards more sustainable options on campus, and providing increased support for students’ wellbeing.

Having frequent free meal programs for students, organizing social events, increasing student support classes/workshops for academics and wellbeing, and having reliable food options on campus after regular business hours are a few of the ideas that I would like to bring up in meetings if I am elected. I will ensure transparency and will make sure to represent student ideas and concerns.



Gareth Aegard

Hello! My name is Gareth Aegard and I am in my third year of the nursing program here at Lakehead. I am an avid hockey lover and like to spend my free time coaching and playing hockey. I also spend my free time drinking coffee and making coffee as a barista at the Study, come say hello!

I am running for a Board Member position because I am very approachable and have had lots of leadership involvement in the past. I want to bring concerns of the student population forward and advocate on behalf of them. I also enjoy being involved in a team environment and working together with a team on a collective goal.

Students should vote for me because I will listen to their concerns and advocate on behalf of them. I understand that the pandemic has impacted lots of the university experience and want to help bring ideas from students into fruition in terms of events, as well as supports, to help those students impacted in different ways from the pandemic.


Harsh Jigarkumar Shah

My name is Harsh Jigarkumar Shah, I'm a 3rd-year mechanical engineering student. I am an international student from India and have been in Thunder Bay since 2019. apart from my studies, I love volunteering at different clubs, making new friends at university. recently started reading books and loves drinking coffee anytime.

During my second year, I started volunteering at LU international office and I got to meet a lot of new students and realized the majority of students joining the university are unaware of the help they can get from the student union, and I wanted to bring awareness in the students. I want to represent the students and make sure their voices are heard. not just on paper but I want to implement the changes in the upcoming year.

I am a person who believes in "action speaks louder than the words." and if I get elected then I want to start student awareness on mental health and food safety.
and I want to be the voice of the students.





Mann Koner 

I am an international student from India. I am currently in my 3rd year of Honours Bachelors of Commerce with a major in human resources. I am someone who believes in kindness and helping people in need. I have always felt like giving back to the community. I love connecting with new people and learning about their cultures. As I enjoy working with people from all backgrounds, I am a firm believer in teamwork. I also enjoy volunteering, cooking, and participating in sports. Last but not least, I would like to mention that I am an avid animal lover.

For the last ten months, I've been working as an International Student Assistant, and throughout that time, I've engaged with a large number of international students. This role has enabled me to devote my time and effort to assist our international students, particularly those in their first year. I've always tried my best to guide international students to find the available resources on campus. LUSU election is a platform that will help me to reach out to more students and learn about the difficulties and problems they face. I want to make every effort to find a solution for it and create a better environment for the students. As a member of the Board of Directors, I will have the chance to make this happen. I would like to bring international students' perspectives and expectations to the table. Furthermore, I want to provide chances for students to expand their networking, form connections, and become valuable members of the Lakehead community.

As an international student, I've always wanted to interact with other students and learn about their backgrounds and values. I understand that the pandemic has been stressful for everyone, and students have had a lot of challenges as a result. I would like students to vote for me because I want LUSU to be a safe place for students to voice their views and suggestions. It all comes down to being able to express your concerns to someone you believe will speak for you, and I can tell you that I will speak for students.



Matthew Brown

Matthew is a 2020 Bachelor of Music graduate from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Matthew first attended Lakehead University as a visiting student for the 2019/2020 academic year and he is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science degree from Lakehead.
Matthew currently lives in Thunder Bay with his partner, their cat and two dogs, Bach, Jinora, and Avelina.

Over the past twelve years I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend several Canadian universities and I find the communication between Lakehead and its student body to be severely lacking in information and clarity. I want to help fix this obvious deficit by representing the student body and their interest as part of the LUSU board of directors.

Students can trust that, if elected, I will work in their best interest to advocate their voices not only to the Student Union but also to Lakehead University.

Riley Fredrickson

Hi! My name is Riley and I am a third year Education student. I love getting outside with my pups Millie and Olive. I coach basketball and tutor elementary students in French. I love meeting new folks and getting to know my peers!

I am running for the position of one of the Thunder Bay Board of Directors because I am extremely passionate about student government and accessible learning communities for all. I am very involved in Lakehead's student community, and would like to continue my involvement while also representing my peers.

I am a firm believer in lifelong learning, and I want to create a positive, safe, and accessible platform for all students. I have been involved in student leadership throughout my entire school career, and I truly want to enact positive change and for students to be able to voice their opinions and feel represented.


Shindara Isaac-Oloye 

I am a third-year Kinesiology student driven by my passion for advocacy. I have worked alongside the international office on several occasions to reach out to students and to create an honest environment so everyone can relate in some way.

Lakehead University has a student body comprising about 15% International students it is only right that the student union executives should represent and be receptive to the cultural fusion that exists.

I understand that the university experience has gone through huge changes and we are in unprecedented times, but like you all, I want to leave with fond memories of a time well spent, and I view this as an
opportunity to offer that to you. See yourself in me.



Sushita Gurung

Hello everyone! My name is Sushita Gurung, and I am a third-year Finance student running to become the next LUSU Board of Directors. A little more on me is that I am a huge foodie and I love cooking for people that I love even though I am not a good cook. Other than that I am an athlete who loves playing all kinds of sports and I was a high school Cross Country Team Captain back in Singapore. I like playing chess and knitting when I am stressed.

Becoming part of LU community as an international student before transitioning to online learning amidst the many uncertainties presented by the pandemic not only helped me understand the growing worries and concerns of the student body but also provided me with a new understanding of academia. I have experienced first hand how lack of financial support and mental health support can cause so much stress to the students. Furthermore, it often feels as though our voices go unheard, with decisions being made without considering our opinions as students.I am running to ensure holistic approach of increased
academic help, social events to increase support networks, following up with various departments about trends and complaints, along with increasing events specially tailored to mental health to remove the stigma around mental health, via forums and on campus. This will all be done by broadcasting various de-stress events taking place, in-person and online, for students/staff to take part in. I would also like to work alongside with Student
Wellness Services for better meet the needs of students on residence/off-campus and international students. I plan on engaging with our campus as much as possible and giving students a platform to engage with each other as well by preparing events and drop-ins when it is safe to do so. I believe I have what it takes to be the voice of the student body at Lakehead University.

The votes of each and every student makes a difference. Not only will the students be giving me a unique opportunity to represent the student body at LU but at the same time, I will get to drive the change in the direction LU student body wishes to see and advance the causes that me and the students believe in.




Tega Okorigba

My name is Tega Okorigba and I am a business student, majoring in finance. I am also the president of the African Caribbean Student Association (AFCASA).

Over my years at Lakehead University, I have had the privilege of being seated in several executive positions on Lakehead clubs and i would like to extend my abilities to help serve all Lakehead Students. I am running to be a board of director because I am an advocate for accessible education for all students. I will work hard to hold LUSU accountable in meeting the needs of students and continue to support you on your university journey.



Zaid Ahmed Shahid

Hey everyone! My name is Zaid Shahid and I'm currently in my third year for the Honours Biology program. I am a transfer student from Seneca College and have just moved to Thunder Bay as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed the tight knit community here at Lakehead along with the amazing opportunities present at Lakehead.

My experience as a transfer student along with moving to Thunder Bay has allowed me to look at the school experience in a unique way. With growing interest by the school body in increasing transfer students, I would love the chance to voice concerns and interests by the college transfer body to the school. I also have a lot of experience in organizing around equity and diversity issues which could be a useful addition to the LUSU team as we move forward towards making a better campus experience for the entire student body.

I am dedicated to equity and inclusive experiences for the entire student body and my nontraditional experience in coming to Lakehead.


for Orillia Board of Directors

Kaitlyn Hales

My name is Kaitlyn Hales and I am a second-year student enrolled in the HBSW Program at the Lakehead Orillia Campus. I am currently working at the Orillia Warming Centre (OWC), which is the first emergency shelter service of its kind in town!

Prior to my job at the OWC, I worked on-campus as the Student Success Assistant, where I worked closely alongside other departments – such as Recruitment and Student Central – and obtained substantial knowledge of all Lakehead services and supports.

I am a professional multi-tasker and self-declared “Jill” of all trades. In my free time I can be found listening to music, making & collecting art, exploring town or playing with my spoiled & moody hamster, Fitts.

I am a passionate person in all realms of life: school, work, and personal connections alike. Some qualities I value include transparency, hard-work, and communication. I try my best to embody each, but I am still learning and fumble gloriously along the way.

Running for the student union is dually-productive for me! I am a big supporter of personal growth – While a LUSU Board position would help me mobilize other students, in many ways it would also contribute massively to my own character development.

In my current position as overnight emergency shelter staff, I practice advocacy every time I clock-in to my shift. Similarly, advocacy is integral to the role of LUSU Board Members. My ability to advocate for – or on the behalf of – others is a skill that I must solidify as I pursue a lifelong career in social services. The opportunity to participate as a LUSU director would enable me to practice identifying and communicating the deficits between institutions and the people they serve through active championing of student rights.

There is abundant utility in participating in school clubs, events and local organizations.I can reap the (very real!) benefits of participation by becoming a beacon of active engagement while simultaneously promoting the importance of involvement to others. Through participation comes the discovery of community, and community-building is arguably inseparable from the Lakehead student experience.

As mentioned, I value transparency, and to be honest, the thought of nominating myself and campaigning for a LUSU position felt threatening; the fear blurred sight of all the reasons why I wanted to apply. It made me question my confidence and competence, and I remained on the fence until shortly before the application deadline. Although I followed through with it, primarily because it scared me. Some – if not all – of the best learning experiences in my life have come from taking a leap into unknown territory – “All growth starts at the end of your comfort zone”.

I love Lakehead – I certainly would not be as motivated, happy, or proud without everything this school has provided. However, it is to my understanding that many students do not feel as if they have benefited as much while pursuing education during such challenging times. The university experience is designed for both academic and personal growth, yet the truth remains that many students feel cheated of each.

I would like to work to make amends to all that students feel they have lost or missed out on. There are some ways I have done this independently, by offering unconditional support, friendly gestures, or a listening ear to any student in need. While this is undoubtedly helpful on a personal level, much more of this work has to be done to an organizational or institutional degree in order to resonate with the greater student population.

In the last two years, we have all had our fair share of ‘unconventional’ in the university setting; it’s time to focus now – more than ever before – on the ‘exceptional’. I am ready to see some adaptive & effective changes at Lakehead University, and want to be part of the very platform (i.e. LUSU) that serves as the channel to bring the students’ best interests into reality.

I welcome students to contact me directly with any questions, thoughts, or just to chat about their day :) Introduce yourself & let’s connect!



Suzanne Pereira

My name is Suzanne Pereira, and I am pleased to inform you that I am a candidate for Orillia Board of Director. I have always utilised one principle in my life that is to keep exploring opportunities and this has helped me to diversify my knowledge and explore my capabilities.

I will focus on expanding more options to help students and will hold myself responsible to present the union with student concerns and get solutions that are within the rules and regulations of LUSU. I want to create an inclusive environment for all the students and be an accountable representative who can reach out to students and create opportunities that can assist their needs. I want to continue supporting some of the value resources that LUSU offers especially the food bank. I want to make the food bank more accessible to students by making it bi-weekly or increase its locations around campus. Additionally, I want to extend support to international students by conducting workshops and webinars that can provide basic help and support for them to settle in the initial months like how to manage in different weather conditions, provide knowledge on banking procedures, attaining a sim card and giving information about the different mobile plans etc.

I have worked with LUSU as an Orillia Board of Director before, and I have knowledge of the tasks and duties that they perform for students. I want to work for the best interest of students and if I receive the opportunity to perform the duties of a Board of Director then I will ensure to bring forth the voices of students interest to LUSU. Hence, I would request you all to let me know what changes, opportunities or areas matter to you the most.
Feel free to connect with me through Instagram: suzanne_28p

Nick West



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