Our Board of Directors

your elected student representatives 

LUSU's Board of Directors is our top governing body. They oversee the union's activities and set the strategic direction based on the rules defined in our constitution. All LUSU Board of Directors meetings are open to the public. We encourage you to come see how decisions are being made on your behalf. 

Powers and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

All actions of the Board of Directors shall be carried out in the best interests of the Members and are subject to our Governing Documents and the Corporations Act of Ontario. All board meeting will be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order unless otherwise stated in our Governing Documents.

The Board of Directors have the power to enter into, amend, or dissolve, any form of agreement with the Lakehead University Board of Governors, including but not limited to the LUSU Levy or any other agreements that levy a fee from Members for the purpose of financing LUSU’s affairs. Any change to LUSU levies over five (5) per cent must be approved by the Members pursuant to a Referendum held in accordance with By-Law #1. Notwithstanding an over 5% increase to a LUSU levy the Board of Directors is empowered to set all financial, political and general policy of LUSU including the purchase, loan, or dispose of capital, assets and other property, or any right or interest owned by LUSU. The Board of Directors is also responsible for appointing all Officers of the Corporation.

If the Board of Directors require clarification of any aspect of the Governing Documents, they shall refer the provision in question to the Governance Committee for interpretation.

The outgoing Executive shall organize Board Orientation for incoming Directors two days after the last day of exams, unless otherwise determined by the incoming Board that another date is more appropriate. 

The Board of Directors is required to meet at least twice per month during the Fall and Winter academic Term, and at least once per month during the Spring/Summer Term. No regular Board Meetings shall be held during the month of December, the month of April, or one week prior to and during the week of Orientation. Emergency Board Meetings may be held during any period.

Members of the Board of Directors submit all items for the meeting agenda to the Chairperson prior to the deadline for submission of items for the agenda.

All Directors are bound by a Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement, which will be given to and signed by all Directors prior to the inaugural meeting of the Board of Directors. No Director shall be permitted to sit in an in-camera session of the Board without first having signed such an agreement.

Meetings should be posted at least 3 business days before with an agenda showing you what will be discussed. If you have any questions about an issue under review by the Board, or wish to speak at a meeting, please email our Chairperson.

All Directors are also required to take an active role in facilitating the business and affairs of LUSU. Each Director will sit on a minimum of one (1) Committee. The Directors’ positions on each Committee will be filled by appointment and/or by secret ballot during the inaugural meeting of the Board of Directors.

Attendance at Board Meetings

The LUSU General Manager and LUSU Executive Director shall have a standing invitation to attend any meeting of the Board of Directors, shall have the right to speak, and shall have the right to attend any in camera sessions of the Board unless the right is withdrawn prior to a session by a majority vote of the Board.

If Directors are unable to physically attend a scheduled Board Meeting, they shall endeavour to attend said meeting by teleconference or videoconference, if at all possible. Directors shall endeavour to adhere to the determined meeting times, as set out in the notice for the Board Meeting in question.

If a Director must miss, or arrives late to, any Board Meeting, a written regret shall be submitted to the Chairperson no later than twenty-four (24) hours after the notified start time of such Board Meeting, following which the Chairperson shall read the regret to the Board of Directors at the next Board Meeting and the Board shall then consider the regret and determine whether to accept the regret or tardiness of the Director, as applicable.

In the event that the Board does not accept the regret of a Director, it shall be considered an unexcused absence and the Director shall be fined twenty-five dollars ($25), payable to LUSU.

In the event that the Board does not accept a Director’s tardiness, it shall be considered an unexcused tardy, and the Director shall be fined five dollars ($5), payable to LUSU.

Non-voting Directors shall not be subject to fines, nor shall they be subject to removal from the Board due to unexcused absences or tardies.

Voting Directors shall be eligible for an honorarium for each Meeting attended, pro-rated per Meeting, to a maximum of $250.00, as accounted for by the Chairperson. Any fines accumulated will be deducted from any honoraria payable, if applicable, and used at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

the Board of Directors consists of:

  1. Chairperson
    • Non-voting
  2. Executive Committee
    • President
    • Vice-President Operations & Finance
    • Vice-President Advocacy
    • Vice-President Orillia
  3. Thunder Bay Directors 
    • One per 1,000 students
  4. Orilla Directors
    • Minimum of 3 Directors
  5. One Member-at-large
    • Non-voting
  6. Editor-in Chief of The Argus 
    • Non-voting
  7. One Student Centre Representative
    • Non-voting
  8. One Graduate Student Representative
    • Non-voting

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