Finance & Operations Committee

overseeing our finances, operations, and student funding requests

FoC Term: May 1st to April 30th of the following year.

The Finance and Operations Committee shall be struck annually at the first meeting of the Board of Directors.

Discretionary Funds under the purview of the Finance and Operations Committee:

  1. Social Action Discretionary Fund
  2. Club Discretionary Fund
  3. Union Projects Discretionary Fund
  4. Student Conferences Discretionary Fund
  5. Orillia Student Programming Discretionary Fund

LUSU Opportunities

Finance and Operations Committee is composed of the following 7 members:

  1. Vice-President Operations & Finance
    • Acts as the chairperson
    • Cannot vote except to break a tie
  2. Three (3) members of the Board of Directors
    • At least one Director from the Orillia campus
  3. Two (2) Members who hold no other position within LUSU
    • Members are recommended by the Executive Committee
    • And ratified by the Board of Directors 
    • No later than the third week of classes during the Fall Term
  4. LUSU General Manager 
    • Acting as secretary
    • non-voting member


The Finance and Operations Committee (FoC) reviews operational statements of the Corporation’s services and the audited statements of the past Fiscal Year. They also review any capital projects, the Health & Dental Plan, Universal Bus Pass, and other services making recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Reviewing all recommendations for the budget they make appropriate changes, and submit a final budget to the Board of Directors at the final Board of Directors Meeting of the Academic Year.

Our Budget

Before recommending a final budget to the Board they will consult with:

  1. The Gender Equity Centre Coordinator
  2. The Pride Central Coordinator
  3. The Aboriginal Awareness Centre Coordinator
  4. The Sustainability Coordinator
  5. The Multicultural Centre Coordinator
  6. The Food Bank Coordinator
  7. The Outpost Manager
  8. The Study Manager
  9. The Business Manager of The Argus 



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