Universal Bus Pass

Unlimited transportation for the academic year, already included in your student fees

We believe it to be of utmost importance for our members to have an economical, reliable, and safe way of getting around while being a student at Lakehead University. Through LUSU’s negotiations with both Thunder Bay and Orillia’s public transit departments, we have secured Lakehead students access to the Universal Bus Pass (uPass), which provides students with unlimited use of public transit systems during the academic year. With our collective purchasing power, we are able to secure transit rates significantly lower than what students would have to pay if buying a regular city bus pass.

There are so many benefits to the uPass, but to name a few:
  • Saves you lots of money
  • Don’t have to worry finding a parking spot, especially when you’re running late to get to class (we’ve all been there)!
  • Safe, reliable ride home from events, parties, and clubs
  • Reduced demand for parking = more green space on campus!
  • Even if you have a car, a great back-up plan for if you ever run into car troubles
  • Everyone’s participation means reducing costs and barriers for all in getting an education
Who is enrolled?

If you are an undergraduate student registered in at least 3.75 FCE by the Final Date to Register in September, you should automatically be enrolled in the uPass. To ensure you are enrolled, check your statement on MyInfo to check if you have been charged the uPass Fee. You can do this by following the following steps:

MyInfo (LINK) > Student > My Financial Profile > My Statement of Account > Current Year

Look for “LUSU U-Pass Fee (SLBUO)”

Any Student Can Opt-In!

If you have not been automatically enrolled in the uPass, you can opt-in by paying the uPass fee.

You can opt-in at any time, as long as you are enrolled in at least one credit course. View your campus uPass page to find out more information.

You can also find information on the opt-out requirements on your campus uPass page.

How does the uPass service work?

Once LUSU representatives are confident in a proposed agreement, a referendum is called for students to vote, raise concerns, and ask for more information. Each member vote holds equal weight and is counted. If the vote is passed, the Board of Directors enters into a contract on behalf of all students, and secures a yearly fixed rate in exchange for a guaranteed level of enrolment into the bus pass. If the vote fails, students can decide if they prefer to abandon the bus pass service entirely, or can compel their elected representatives to explore other options or renegotiate another agreement that better serves them.

Can a bus driver confiscate my student card or ask for identification?

Yes. Here’s why: The uPass is not transferable. Only YOU can use it. If your student card image is blurry, damaged, or otherwise unidentifiable – or if they have a reason to believe it is not you – they may ask for another form of identification.

If they find that someone other than yourself is using your uPass, they will confiscate your card, and the person using your card will have to pay the regular cash fare. In the event that your uPass is confiscated, the city will return it to LUSU and provide an explanation for the confiscation. This process helps us protect our uPass program in remaining accessible for all students. As per our terms and conditions with the public transit departments, fraudulent misuse results in individual expulsion from the uPass program. Fraudulent misuse is defined but not limited to; using a fake or counterfeit uPass sticker, selling your uPass, or lending out your uPass.