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Fostering supportive & engaging communities

Our Student Centres bring students from all different backgrounds and communities together. Find like-minded peers who share your experiences, and work together to make our campus and the world a better place.

Funded and supported by LUSU, our centres are run throughout the year by paid and volunteer staff. These centres hold many events throughout the year, and advocate for causes both within the university and the wider community. They also provide a diverse assortment of additional resources to aid and support students throughout their university experience.

Food Resource Centre

LUSU’s Food Resource Centre provides confidential food resources and anti-poverty support to any student pursuing a degree at Lakehead. The centre also runs campaigns, and workshops, while raising awareness of the prevalence of food insecurity in our communities. At LUSU, we strongly believe that economic barriers should not prevent students from pursuing their academic goals, and believe that healthy food choices should be accessible to all. Students experiencing a food emergency can visit us once every 2 weeks.


The aim of The Food Resource Collective is to break down the stigma that surrounds accessing emergency food resources on campus by creating a welcoming environment for students. The Food Resource Collective includes three sub-divisions: The Pantry, Fresh Market, and Good Food Box.

Pride & Gender Equity Centre

The unified Pride Central and Gender Equity Centre offers a wide range of resources, support services, and programs aimed at celebrating and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community while simultaneously addressing issues of gender equity. Whether you need a safe space to express your identity, seek guidance on gender-related matters, or participate in educational workshops and community-building events, our center is here to support and empower you. Join us in our mission to create a campus environment where everyone can thrive and feel valued.

Indigenous Students' Resource Centre
Teachings, Culture, & Tradition

The ISRC is dedicated to providing Lakehead students with opportunities to get involved and learn about indigenous teachings, ceremonies, and traditions. We run fun and engaging activities like movie screenings, workshops, and even things like building a birchbark canoe, there is always something amazing to experience at our Centre. We are committed to education and advocacy around these issues through an anti-colonial framework. Visit our office to learn more about what events we are currently running and to meet and engage with your peers.

Multicultural Centre
Celebrating diversity at Lakehead

The Multiculutral Centre provides a welcoming and inclusive space where students can learn about and discuss issues such as cultural identity, racism, and international development. We are always passionate to learn about, celebrate, and spread knowledge of new customs and traditions. We host many events and activities throughout the year that acknowledge all the wonderful, unique cultures that enrich our campus. We run interesting speaker series and workshops to help educate students. Join our community and learn about the different cultures that make up our campus, and help us learn more about yours too!

Bike Shack
Your Hub for All Things Cycling

At the Bike Shack, we’re offering affordable bike rentals at just $5 per week (with a $100 deposit). Plus, mark your calendars for our Do-it-Yourself bike repairs every Wednesday, where we provide tools and parts for you to tune up your ride. And for those looking to own a bike, check out our Build Your Own Bike program for a great deal! We also plan exciting expeditions to explore our community, connect with nature, and foster a vibrant cycling culture on campus.