Our Purpose

The Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) is a democratic, not-for-profit corporation with the sole purpose of serving and supporting the students of Lakehead University. We care about the comprehensive well-being of our community, and work hard to provide students with safe and inclusive spaces, economical services and benefits, and a diverse variety of fun events and clubs to participate in year-round. We advocate for and represent students, our members, not only to Lakehead University, but to the broader community and to all levels of Government. Our main goal for you to have the best experience possible at Lakehead!

We are committed to following democratic principles in our operations, and support our members to participate in our decision-making. Furthermore, we expect and encourage the same principles to be followed by the administrative and academic bodies of the University.

We strongly believe in accountability and responsibility towards Lakehead University students.

To learn more about LUSU and how we operate, look here: