About the Thunder Bay Food Resource Centre


We are a LUSU Student Centre which provides resources and programming to students who are experiencing food insecurity.

The LUSU Food Resource Centre aims to break down the stigma which surrounds accessing food resources on university campuses and create a welcoming environment for students

The Main objective of the FRC is to eliminate student hunger at Lakehead University. Although it’s important to have emergency resources available, we must also move beyond charitable approaches and advocate for larger change, which is why we have the following three levels of support.

1. Emergency Food Response: The Food Resource Centre provides emergency food support through Our Emergency Food Pick-Up Program

2. Student Engagement and Community-Based Responses: We want to empower students to get involved, through educational workshops, volunteer, and leadership opportunities.

3. Advocacy: Student food insecurity is a nationwide issue. Meal Exchange (2022) found that in the Fall of 2021, 56.8% of post-secondary students across Canada were food insecure. Previous research also links food insecurity to poverty. Given this, The FRC will work to address the problems in the university food system by advocating for accessible, affordable, culturally-diverse, nutritious and sustainable foods on campus. We will also bring awareness to and advocate on the larger issues tied to food insecurity (high costs of living, tuition rates, etc.). We believe that food is a basic human right. We also understand the importance of incorporating food sovereignty and Indigenous food sovereignty approaches to the solution of food insecurity.