As your student union we directly represent you in many different ways both within the university and across all levels of government.

Our membership is at the core of everything we do. Together we can help make positive change for all students, but we need your help.

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Be a Part of the Decision Making Process at Lakehead

Serve the student body by Representing us on the Lakehead University Senate, Judicial Panel and Senate Standing Committees!

Senate Nominations Form

If you are interested in representing fellow members within the student union we also have many appointed positions that work directly beside our elected representatives both in the boardroom and on standing committees. Not ready to run in our elections just yet? Email about any vacant committee or member-at-large positions.

What is Senate?

Senate is a group of decision-makers who govern the educational policy of the University. The composition of the Senate is huge. Imagine a large room with 80+ administrative staff, faculty, and students discussing and deciding on the educational policy of the institution. Members include; the Vice-President (Research & Innovation), the University Librarian, Registrar, Deans of all Faculties, heads or chairs of teaching departments or schools and many more. The Senate is chaired by the University President. Students hold up to nine seats on the Senate, and have membership on many of the Senate committees.

Being on Senate means you will have a vote on changes to course calendars, educational policies, honorary degree candidates, and more.

In addition there are plenty of committees to sit on that may interest you. For example, the Academic Appeals committee hears out the cases made by your fellow students who feel they have been wronged or unfairly treated regarding course marks or other academic decisions.

Lakehead University Board of Governors

The student governor is LUSU’s most important student representative position. They are responsible for building an understanding of our perspectives amongst the other Governors and they work closely with our elected leaders to ensure our concerns are always brought forward for consideration.

The Board of Governors is responsible for the fiscal management of Lakehead University and for the appointment and evaluation of the President of Lakehead University. They exercises governance, oversight, and public accountability duties through leadership and delegation in strategic planning, financial stewardship, ethical integrity, and risk management regarding the University’s objectives and purposes, assets, and affairs.

If you are interested in serving your fellow students or you have any questions about student representation at Lakehead, please contact our president.

Provincial & Federal Representation

Through our membership (local 32) in the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) we work with over eighty other students’ unions across the country to campaign for more accessible post-secondary education and lobby the government on student issues. If you are interested in represent LUSU within the Canadian Federation of Students email

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