Exploring Additional Resources – Campus and Community Cycling Support

The Bike Shack is just one part of a broader network of resources available to cyclists on campus and in the local community. Here’s a guide to some of the key resources you can take advantage of to enhance your cycling experience.

On-Campus Resources

  • Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU): LUSU supports various sustainability and transportation initiatives, including the Bike Shack. They also provide funding for events and projects that promote cycling and other sustainable practices.
  • Campus Security: For any safety concerns or incidents, campus security is available to assist. They can also provide information on bike registration and theft prevention.
  • Recreation and Athletics: Check out the recreation department for information on fitness programs and activities that complement your cycling routine, such as spin classes and strength training.

Community Resources

  • Local Bike Shops: Thunder Bay is home to several excellent bike shops that offer a wide range of products and services. They can assist with more complex repairs, custom bike builds, and professional fittings.
  • Thunder Bay Cycling Club: Join the local cycling club to connect with fellow enthusiasts, participate in organized rides, and access additional training resources.
  • City of Thunder Bay: The city’s website offers information on cycling infrastructure, including bike lanes, trails, and maps. They also provide updates on upcoming projects and initiatives to improve cycling safety and accessibility.
  • Community Events: Keep an eye out for community events such as bike races, charity rides, and festivals. These events are great opportunities to get involved, challenge yourself, and support local causes.

Online Resources

  • Cycling Apps and Websites: Utilize apps like Strava, Komoot, and MapMyRide to track your rides, find new routes, and connect with other cyclists.
  • Educational Platforms: Websites like Park Tool and Sheldon Brown offer a wealth of information on bike maintenance and repair, with detailed guides and tutorials.
  • Cycling Forums and Groups: Join online communities on platforms like Reddit and Facebook to discuss cycling topics, seek advice, and share experiences with cyclists from around the world.

Safety and Advocacy

  • Bike Safety Organizations: Organizations such as the Canadian Cycling Association and Share the Road offer resources and advocacy for safer cycling conditions.
  • Advocacy Groups: Get involved with local advocacy groups that work towards improving cycling infrastructure and policies. Your voice can help shape a more bike-friendly community.

We encourage you to explore these resources and take full advantage of what’s available. The Bike Shack is here to support you, but there’s a whole world of cycling resources out there to help you ride safely, confidently, and enjoyably. If you need more information or guidance, don’t hesitate to visit us at the Bike Shack or contact us directly.

Happy riding!