Room & Space Bookings

In Orillia, there is an array of spaces you can book: a classroom or lecture hall, the hallway at the Heritage Place campus, as well as the Learning Commons or Cafeteria at the OA campus, and if it’s nice outside, the quad in front of the Simcoe Hall building.

All room and space requests by students must be made through LUSU. At least two (2) weeks before you require the space, you must fill out an online Room Reqest Form. You will be sent a confirmation email once your booking is approved.

Tabling Request Form

Room Request Form

Any equipment you may need, such as tables, chairs, projectors, laptops, or electrical needs for an event can also be booked.

For technical requirements, you must fill out a “ticket” through TSC. To learn more about “support tickets”, visit their website here. (Note: to submit a new support ticket, click on the “Submit Ticket” tab on the bottom right hand of the screen)

How to Create a Support Ticket

For tables, chairs and other non-technical items, just note that you need certain items on your room/space request form and we’ll let you know how to acquire those items.