Your Leadership

LUSU is headed by a student executive who is elected by all Lakehead University students every year in January. Serving full-time during the school year, your President and Vice-Presidents work hard to ensure your voice is heard by the university and government, and ensures that LUSU is able to provide you the services you need to make your journey through post-secondary education filled with amazing experiences.

Sukhraj Grewal


The LUSU President is the Chief Executive of the student union, serving as the voice of students to Lakehead University, the community, and government. The President is responsible for the general oversight and strategic direction of the corporation. They lead LUSU’s campaigns and advocacy work, are in charge of coordinating LUSU’s communications strategy, and serve as the union’s primary liason with media.

Prabhjot Singh Ahuja

V.P. Operations & Finance

Hello Folks, my name is Prabhjot Singh Ahuja. I am your Vice President of Operations and Finance for LUSU for the term 2020/21. Throughout my time in Lakehead I have passionately advocated for all students and have been fortunate to sit on the LUSU’s Board of Directors for the past two years. Along with that, I have served as a President in one of the LUSU’s clubs for two years. Being intricately involved with students, I have come to understand the struggles we face. LUSU and I are here to support you through thick and thin, especially during these uncertain times. If you have any concerns please reach us. We will work together to find a solution. Regards,

Amla Sandur

V.P. Advocacy

Hello Thunderwolves! My name is Amla, and this year I am your VP for Student Advocacy for LUSU. I’ve been a student at LU since 2017 and have actively participated in student clubs and events conducted by LUSU. As an executive of the LU Indian Student Association for over two years, I’ve learned a tonne about the student issues faced by both international and domestic students alike. I intend and still continue to learn more. I aim to advocate for such student issues during my term, to successfully maintain the democratic process bestowed and enabled by the student body. The students of LU face uncertain academic changes due to the pandemic that now prevails in our community. As VPA for 2020-2021, I solemnly swear to support the student body during these trying times, just as how the LU community assisted me in achieving the student experience that I rightfully deserved. I ask the student body to feel free to reach out in times of need. LUSU was created for you and strives to this day to ensure your education is protected and continues to remain beneficial for your lives. I, as VPA, aspire to uphold this practice.
Yours Sincerely,
Amla Sandur