Affordable transportation for all

The U-pass offers unlimited use of public transit in Orillia to all Lakehead students, for the same discounted price. If enrolled in the program, you receive a sticker that goes right on your Lakehead student ID card. Present your student ID card when you want to ride the bus.

What is the uPass and how does it work?

As students, affordable access to transportation is essential to our success. That’s why students voted to establish the Universal Bus Pass. Thanks to our collective purchasing power, we can access unlimited, year-round public transportation for a fraction of the normal cost.

The U-Pass fee for the 2018/19 academic year is $115.50. Full-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the U-Pass. Graduate and part-time students can choose to opt in to the U-Pass for the same low fee.

The U-Pass is displayed as a sticker on your Lakehead student ID card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Not only do you save a significant amount of money (it costs about 5% of what a yearly pass would cost), but it's also a safe way to ride home from events, parties, and clubs. Plus, a reduced demand for parking helps to maintain the green space on campus. You'll also never be left stranded, especially in the winter—it's a great backup plan for when your car doesn't start! Everyone's participation in the program helps reduce the costs for all students and reduces barriers to education.

Who is eligible?

All full-time undergraduate students (enrolled in at least 3.75 credits by September 18, 2018) are automatically charged the U-Pass fee on their Lakehead account and enrolled in the program. All part-time students, graduate students, and students who begin in January are eligible to opt in to the U-Pass program. There is a reduced fee for winter opt-ins.

Can I opt out?

No — The U-Pass is a mandatory service for all Lakehead students, which does not offer an opt-out option. Recently, LUSU has successfully lobbied the City to increase transit hours and for the addition of Sunday service. Moving forward, LUSU will continue to advocate on students’ behalf for improved public transit service.

How do I pick up my pass or opt in?

To pick up or purchase your U-pass, stop by the LUSU Main Office, located in room OA-1027. If you are a part-time or graduate student, you can opt in for $115 in September or $70 in January.

How long is it valid for?

Your U-Pass is valid year-round from September 1st to August 31st. A new pass is issued in September of each year.

Can a bus driver confiscate my student card or ask for identification?

Yes. Here is why:
The U-Pass is not transferrable. Only YOU can use it. If your student card image is blurry, damaged or otherwise unidentifiable, or if they have reason to believe it is not you – they may ask for another form of identification.
If they find that someone other than yourself is using your U-Pass, they will confiscate it and that person will have to pay cash fare. In the event that your U-Pass is confiscated, the city will return it to LUSU and provide an explanation.
This may be frustrating for you, but this actually helps to protect our U-Pass program. As per our terms and conditions with Transit fraudulent misuse may result in individual expulsion from the uPass program.

How do I replace a pass I lost?

If you lose your student ID card, you must first replace it at the Lakehead University Security office. Then stop by the LUSU office to get a replacement sticker. There is no charge to replace your U-Pass the first time you lose it. A replacement fee of $115.50 will apply for any replacement stickers after your first free one.

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