LUSU is run for students, by students. Our democratic structure ensures that every Lakehead student has a vote and a voice in how your student union represents you. Students choose their representatives every year through the LUSU elections, and can have a direct say on important issues through referendum.

But democracy isn’t something that happens once a year on voting day. Students are involved every day in LUSU’s decision-making by sitting on committees, answering surveys, attending meetings, and serving as student representatives.

We encourage you to approach us with questions and feedback about how LUSU is working for you. Contact the LUSU President with general questions on governance, or learn more in the sections below.



Each year, students elect 16 representatives from amongst ourselves to sit on LUSU’s Board of Directors. These student reps are responsible for running the student union, from finances to political stances to overseeing The Outpost and The Study.

This year’s Board of Directors:

Top (L-R): Mona Amiri, Tyson Bouchard, Farhan Yousaf, Christina Petsinis, Sami Pritchard, Sidney Howlett, Roman Jakubowski, Justin Currie
Bottom (L-R): Jocelyn Bel, Tannis Kastern, Jessica Kearney, Tochi Nwaokocha, Grant Wakulczyk, Usama Syed, Mohammad Asker


All LUSU Board meetings are open to the public. We encourage students to come see how decisions are being made on your behalf. Upcoming meetings are listed below. You can see what the Board will be discussing by checking out the agenda, which is posted 3 business days before each meeting.

If you have questions about an issue under review by the Board, or wish to speak at a Board meeting, please email LUSU’s Chairperson.

Date Time Agenda Thunder Bay Location Orillia Location
June 27, 2017 6:00PM Agenda UC2020 OA3041
- UC2020 OA3041
- UC2020 OA3041
- UC2020 OA3041
- UC2020 OA3041

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Students can get involved simply by attending a Board meeting, by sitting on a Board committee, or running for a position on the Board yourself.


The Constitution is the foundational document that sets out the rules for how the student union operates and what it should focus on. It has been developed over decades by Lakehead students to ensure LUSU is run fairly and efficiently. Changes to the Constitution can only be made by the Board of Directors or by students through a referendum or General Meeting.

If you have questions about the constitution, please email the LUSU Chairperson.

Read the LUSU Constitution


Read the minutes here.